Learn how new hardscaping features can enhance your home

Let our landscaping company transform your lawn in Erie, IL and Moline, IL

A new retaining wall or stone pathway can greatly improve your property. If you need hardscaping services in Erie, IL turn to Curb It Landscape Design LLC. We specialize in hardscape installation for residential properties, but we can also work on commercial properties. You can trust our experienced landscaping designers to install new yard features to add curb appeal and enhance the layout of your lawn.

You can trust our team to build any exterior feature for your property. We improve properties by:

Installing sidewalks, pathways and firepits
Constructing paver, stone and concrete patios
Building or repairing your existing fence

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Making Your Yard the Talk of the Neighborhood

Making Your Yard the Talk of the Neighborhood

Hardscapes are refered to as the solid elements of your landscpaing design. For instance, walkways, pavers and stone paths, water features and so forth are considered hardscapes. At Curb It Landscape Design LLC, our family-owned and operated business provides both hardscaping and vertical landscaping services to add an personality to your yard.

If you are unsure which style or layout you are looking for, our landscape experts will work with you to discuss you yard layout, seasonal color and maintence to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.

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