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Add a Vertical Landscaping Feature to enhance your curb appeal in Erie or Moline, IL

Vertical landscpaing has many benefits aside from bringing an aesthetic appeal to one's home. Vertical landscaping helps take advantage if you have a smaller, more limited green space to work with for landscaping. At Curb It Landscape Design LLC, we work with residential and commercial clients to educate and increase the opportunity for beautiful landscaping no matter the limitations.

Vertical landscaping can nurture healthier, happier plants because off the ground they can reach more natural sunlight and are less subject to disease and pest problems. This form of landscaping is especially useful in cityscapes and apartment buildings because vertical landscaping helps reduce the carbon footprint and improve air quality!

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What is vertical lansdscape?

What is vertical lansdscape?

Vertical landscaping occurs when you structure and plant an area of vegetation to grow directly vertical along the building or home's exterior. Usually supported initially by trellises or structual frames to help guide the vegetation and encourage it to grow in the right direction but vertical landscaping can also be free standing. At Curb It Landscape Design LLC, our landscpaing professionals are able to discuss design ideas, offer creative sugestions and show samples of previous projects to help your determine the best direction for your yasr's look!

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